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Solo Show at Peninsula College's PUB Gallery

'Aerial Views'

World as a Coalmine

(Series of 26)

Birds are all posing as canaries; their songs stifled in the toxic climate we have created. In this series I am discussing how climate justice is social justice. Dr. Robert D Bullard coined the term 'environmental racism' in the 1990's. This occurs when minority communities are forced to deal with environmental hazards at a disproportionate rate. This is seen all over the world by looking at where there is unsafe drinking water, the placement of landfills, toxic waste, factories, refineries and power plants. The climate crisis will continue to manifest as droughts, floods, extreme heatwaves, and food shortages. All of these will disproportionately affect the Global South while rich countries in Europe, North America and North Asia will remain shielded. And as these affects reach the more 'protected' areas of the globe, the elite in those regions will be able to pay to avoid the dangers and discomforts of the climate catastrophe.

Below are a selection of the 26 pieces in this series, as you scroll over the image or click to enlarge the image you can read the text that is written on each bird's death tag. The causes, locations and dates of these birds' demise reference issues birds face today but most are examples of ugly and unjust moments in American history.

Materials: ceramic, paper, fishing line, metal fencing

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