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Process video of how I sculpt bird feet.


Here I will share some of the processes I have developed that excite and stimulate me.
Above is the end result of what I set out to make after having the idea of sculpting birds that are altered into the shape of recognizable pottery forms.
Below you can read and follow along with  how I achieved this idea.
I started by sculpting a simple lekythos vase, a traditional Greek pottery form. To make these wall mounted I sculpted only half and used a slab to cap the back.
IMG-5490 (1).jpg
I then covered the form in plastic and rolled out thin slabs of clay. Over the plastic I pressed the slabs of clay over the form to create a slab mold. Above you can see the exterior of the slab mold. 
IMG-5491 (1).jpg
Interior of slab mold.
IMG-5485 (1).jpg
Working on the front-most layer first and then working my way backwards I sculpted all the parts of the bird and carefully pressed them into the slump mold to alter the form.
This is another sculpture I made using this mold. This idea excites me and I look forward to using this mold more as well as making different molds. 
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