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Solo Show at Wildfire Ceramics Studio

'When We Could Fly'

The Dinner Party

This series is inspired by the feminist installation of the same name by Judy Chicago. I am tying this to birds that I view as metaphorically feminist due to their monomorphic form; where the females are as colorful and as large the males. I am also referencing James Audubon’s contributions to ornithology. It is frustrating how he is hailed as the father of American ornithology despite not being the discoverer of these birds, simply the first European man to study and document these species. He prepared to paint birds by capturing, killing, eating, and then taxidermying them in his desired pose to depict. Imagining these beautiful (and now thankfully protected) birds on a plate is a disturbing and poignant reminder of the way we treat them and the natural world.

Materials: ceramic

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