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Solo Show at Peninsula College's PUB Gallery

'Aerial Views'

The (Oil Rig) Crane, the (Great Blue)

Heron, and the (Cattle) Egrets

This piece is drawing connections between the fossil fuel industry, plastics and the impacts on wildlife species. The process of extraction and refining are evils we can no longer tolerate at this unsustainable level. The oil and plastic industry recognize people are trying to be more thoughtful about their oil consumption. In response to this, the oil industry is leaning into our consumption needs and single use plastics. These corporations are hoping to double plastic production by 2040. Fossil fuel support is fascism. For these companies to survive they must distort reality and wage war on science. “Believing” in science should not be in our vernacular. It is an oxymoron. There is a reason that the republican party is the only group in the world that denies climate change; they are heavily funded by these corporations. As the effects of climate change are more heavily felt oil companies will continue to support more and more radical leaders whom they can pay to turn a blind eye.

Materials: ceramic, steel, found plastics, found tire

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