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Solo Show at Peninsula College's PUB Gallery

'Aerial Views'

The Blob: A Mass Starvation

'The Blob' is a large patch of warm water found off the coast of Washington, Oregon and British Columbia that was discovered in 2013. It has been attributed to killing hundreds of thousands of aukelts and other coastal birds. It is thought to be a phenomenon called the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) where the ocean is shifting from a cool to warm period. This change strongly affects the atmosphere and air movement. Scientists believe PDO is escalated by climate change. This phenomenon is attributed to making the PNW significantly warmer the past decade. The impacts of increased temperatures are being violently highlighted through the past few years wildfire seasons.

Cassin’s Auklets have been washing ashore by the tens of thousands every year since 2015 in OR, WA, and BC. The cause of this die off is believed to be due to The Blob. The warm water is lesser known and less tangible to the Pacific's infamous trash island but is just as, if not more, destructive and harmful.

Materials: ceramic, blue housepaint

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