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Solo Show at Antler Gallery, Portland OR

Lost History of Women

“Like other ladies, the little feathered brides have to bear their husband’s names, however inappropriate. What injustice! Here an innocent creature with an olive-green back and a yellowish breast has to go about all her days known as the black-throated blue warbler, just because that happens to describe the dress of her spouse!”

    -Florence Merriam Bailey, “Birds Through an Opera Glass”

Our focus on male birds reflects a bias in biology that parallels our patriarchal, human world. Much like important women throughout history, our knowledge of female birds is woefully understudied and usually described in relation to their male counterparts. 

Female birds' appearance and behaviors are often framed in a misogynistically anthropomorphized way, when in reality we can help conserve these species by understanding behavioral differences and the contrasting ways female birds interact with the environment. Without studying and protecting female birds, the way we do males, none of the species can thrive. Each of these defiant female birds live as an act of resistance to be defined by their partner.

5% of profits will be donated to the Feminist Bird Club, a non-profit organization whose goals are to “make birding and the outdoors inclusive and affirming to people who may not have safe access to it, and leverage people’s passion for the environment and social justice to help create lasting social change.”

materials: ceramic, steel, sculptable epoxy, ethically harvest (by the artist) cedar 

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