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Group show at University of Montana's Gallery of Visual Arts 

'The Exit'

Head On into Silent Spring

(An Ode to Rachel Carson)

This work is inspired by Rachel Carson's book 'Silent Spring.' When this book was published in 1962 it ushered in the beginning of the environmental movement and led to many ecological protections. This book  focuses on the negative effects of chemical pesticides that were, at the time, a large part of US agriculture. While this book inspired so much good in the world to protect native species, it is heartbreaking to see the damage that has continued since then. Human impacts that are often 'invisible,' such as deforestation, habitat loss, introduction of invasive species, climate change and continued pesticide use have led to the death of three billion birds since 1970 in North America. Birds are some of our most valued indicator species as they can be found in all environments, affect so many other native species, and tell us vast amounts about the health of the earth. Birds around the world are warning us of the dangerous impacts our lack of foresight creates. It is only a matter of time until it is our turn.

Materials: ceramic, monofilament

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