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Solo Show at Antler Gallery, Portland OR

A(n Extinction) Fable For Tomorrow

This title draws from Rachel Carson’s pivotal book “Silent Spring”. Carson begins the book with what she calls a ‘fable for tomorrow’, where she explores the harmful effects of DDT on communities of local wildlife, birds, insects, pets, agricultural animals and humans. 

Through the inevitable effects of climate change, we will soon be facing a new world. As the more vulnerable beings on this planet suffer, what will those of us with access and resources do? Just like these birds, the people who contribute the least to climate change will be disastrously impacted first.

All of the birds erupting in flight are species in significant decline in Oregon. While some are rare species with smaller populations, many are common ‘backyard birds’ that are disappearing at an alarming rate. Below are all the North American birds that have gone extinct in recent history; all but one due to human’s actions. The mass, and often mysterious, die off of bird populations around the world are a cry for change.

5% of profits will be donated to Portland Audubon. Portland Audubon states “we inspire and connect people to nature through a variety of programs that are grounded in science and learning.” They also protect native birds “using a suite of conservation methods, we work to protect imperiled species, reduce threats to birds across the Oregon landscape, preserve high-priority habitat, fight climate change, and advocate for equitable access to nature for all Portland-area residents.”

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