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Solo Show at Wildfire Ceramics Studio

'When We Could Fly'


Through the inevitable effects of climate change we will soon be facing a new world. As the more vulnerable beings on this planet suffer what will those of us with access and resources do? In this installation I am referencing the Audubon Society’s projections on which native birds will be able to adjust their habitat range to survive on a warming planet, versus those who will be devastated by these human-caused changes. Similarly, we will see more and more people who are disenfranchised become refugees as their homes become uninhabitable, while the wealthy elite can pay to avoid the costs of climate change. Birds, like humans, live in every climate of the world. However they are far more sensitive to the changes of a warming planet and are harbingers for the future we face. The mass, and often mysterious, die off of bird populations around the world are a cry for help and change.

Materials: ceramic

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